Sandy Bay is a Certified Bioenergy Practitioner, Holistic Health Counselor, Holistic Massage Therapist, and has a BA in Healing Arts. She is also a Matrix Energetics Practitioner and a Veriditas Labyrinth Trained Facilitator.

What is Body Soul Alignment?

Body Soul Alignment is a healing technique that works with the "subtle energy" surrounding the body that enters the physical body through our energy centers and energy pathways (chakras and meridians). This energy field contains the template that orchestrates our physiological processes with exquisite timing and precision by allowing the flow of chi to nourish the nerves, blood vessels and deeper organ structures. This life-giving nourishment regulates every cell in the body and is affected by our emotional state.

What Happens When Energy Becomes Blocked?

When the flow of energy becomes blocked or imbalanced, dysfunction of the cells, tissues and organ systems will occur. Body Soul Alignment provides a means for communicating with the body-consciousness to find out what is happening at an emotional and physiological level. When energy blockages are cleared, the body can return to functioning at an optimal level.

Why Is Body Soul Alignment Called Vibrational Healing?

Vibrational medicine seeks to heal the physical body by integrating and balancing the energy fields surrounding the body. It aims to treat the whole person (i.e., the mind/body/spirit) to affect those energetic systems that may be out of balance due to disease states. Vibrational healing rebalances the energy fields that help to regulate cellular functioning.

How Do You Communicate with The Body?

The body consciousness speaks very simply, saying yes, no, or maybe, through the fluctuations of your energy field. It expands or contracts, sending nerve impulses to strengthen your muscles (indicating yes) or diminish them (indicating no). This fluctuation can be measured by muscle testing your arm or using a pendulum to interpret your answers. Through the variations in your energy field, your body-consciousness reveals information to help you identify the incidents that are the basis for physical symptoms, recurrent emotional patterns, past traumas, allergies, decisions, and outdated beliefs.

What Are Bonds and Cords and How Do They Affect the Body?

Bonds are energetic connections between the chakras of people who feel mutually enhanced by the interaction, giving each person a sense of deep connection and love for each other. Bonds are a healthy way to relate to other people temporarily, or over many lifetimes. Detrimental interactions between people are in the form of cords. These cords are invisible energetic manipulations from people who are trying to block your energy or get you to do something that they want you to do. The cords are usually attached to one, or all, of your chakras and can also be directed at organs or specific parts of your body. Cords are usually an unconscious emotional message that cannot, or should not, be expressed verbally.

Does Body Soul Alignment Complement Other Forms of Healing?

Body Soul Alignment works well with all other forms of medical treatment, therapy, or chiropractic care. In addition to working with symptoms of illness, we also need to let go of the emotional blockages which caused the symptoms in the first place. We attempt to clear these emotional issues by clearing the meridians (which carry emotions) so that the chi can flow to the cells and tissues again. The energy field can then come back into balance and the body can heal itself naturally.

Do You Work with Past Lives?

Past lives often come up when there is an unresolved issue that needs to be cleared that is still affecting the client in this lifetime. We can go to the past life and clear the energy field to release the helplessness around the issue so that we do not have to keep repeating the same pattern in this lifetime.

Does Your Work Include Soul Therapy?

The use of Etheric Weavers during a session allows us to integrate information from our soul level to align us with our life purpose. The Etheric Weavers help to realign the energy centers (chakras) to a higher vibrational frequency so that we can express our natural talents and creativity.

Can I Clear My Own Energy Field?

Weekend workshops are available to teach you about your energy field and how to manage it. You will learn how to keep your chakras and meridians clear of emotional charge and how to communicate with the body to find out what it needs to maintain health and vitality.

BENEFITS: Who could benefit from Body/Soul Alignment?
  • People with physical, mental or emotional discomfort looking for a holistic approach to healing that includes the body, mind and spirit.
  • People with nutritional questions regarding what to eat, which supplements to take and how often.
  • People who are interested in personal growth and the expansion of their consciousness.
  • People who are in therapy and want to clear emotional issues that keep coming up.
RESULTS: What Can Body Soul Alignment Help You Achieve?
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Feel integrated in body, mind, and spirit
  • Resolve issues around anger, fear, and grief
  • Release unresolved emotions from past traumas
  • Make clear choices and decisions
  • Restore a sense of peacefulness and calm
  • Establish and maintain boundaries in relationships
  • Release muscle tension, aches, and pains
  • Improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • Shift biochemical errors and restore metabolic pathways
  • Release allergies
  • Be compassionate with yourself and others
  • Manifest your full potential

Private Sessions & Workshops:

Private Personal Sessions are available in John Day, Oregon or by telephone. Each session is for 1 hour and costs $75.00. Workshops are also available to learn how to communicate with your subtle body, clear emotional blockages and manage your energy fields.

Contact Sandy Bay to schedule a session appointment:

Phone or Text: 415-515-6316


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